Toyota Landcruiser FJ-61 Trailer

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I can't actually weld very well despite having been taught by some very talented individuals. Fortunately I had three things going for me,  1) most of the steel is really thick, 2) it does not have to be pretty. And 3) I live across the street from a guy that knows what the hell he is doing when it comes to welding. I had a little trouble filling the gaps in the frame made by the plasma cutter and he made quick work of it.
Basically to form the front frame section of the trailer, I cut the frame just rear of where it rises up for the wheel well/engine area. notched the frame with a saws-all (not a comfortable process if lying on the driveway by the way) I then bent the frame into the angle. I then notched the point where they come together to fit the 4" square tubing. Made a cross brace out of 4" square tubing. Tacked it, checked it and welded the whole thing together.

After we were done manufacturing the floor in the front, I repositioned  the front body mounts so that they were over the new frame positions and bolted the body down to the frame. Except for a block of 4" that I welded on to support the jack, all the stuff on the front is bolt on. The block of 4" also makes a nice place to hang the chains when the trailer is parked.

its late done for now but there is a LOT more to tell and show - gotta to take some more pics I guess..